Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQs)

How do I find my way around this website ?
To use the Search Now and Advanced Search boxes, simply type in the article or service you need into the blank box and click the Search button. Our site search engine will "spider" the pages of Anything Marine to find sections which contain your keyword. The results will be displayed on the page in front of you. Just click on the blue title link and you 'll be directed to the page you what. For a more exact search you can use the advanced search page. This search can be refined to look for exact words or phrases by date and many other criteria.
Search Now or Advanced Search

The main means of navigating the website is by the use of buttons and drop down menus.
To open the page content of a particular button, place the mouse pointer over the name on button and click twice. After a short time the corresponding page will open.
The drop down menus may be new to some of you but they are as easy to use as buttons. When the small arrow to the right of the display window is clicked, a list of page titles drop down with a scroll bar on the right. Click on the scroll bar to view all the pages on the menu. When you have found what you want, simply click on the page name in the menu and the page will open for you and the drop down list will return to the top bar, ready to go again.

To go backwards, please use your browser back button at the very top left of your screen.
When using the feedback or enquiry forms, please ensure you give as much information as possible to help your hosted companies help you more effectively.

What do the tool bar buttons and windows mean ?

The tool bar above has four parts to help you find what you need.

The Home Button. This is your escape button. If you get lost for some reason, you can always get back to home.
Companies By Region By clicking on the arrow of this drop down menu, you can find your required company by region or by clicking on the desired region on the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands map.
Companies By Service. Another drop down menu that allows you to find groups of companies that offers a particular service.
The Contents Button. This will take you to the contents page of the site, where the main sections and search facilities are presented as a series of buttons. A brief explanation of each section is given.
The Express and Search Bar This is the yellow button bar located on the bottom of the home page. It is designed for experienced visitors who have been to Anything Marine before and know exactly what they want and where to get it. It opens the same pages, only more quickly. The search will help you navigate strat to the service or item you need.Search Now

What can I find in Anything Marine ?
We host numerous small to medium sized companies who provide high quality marine services and products. They are based in SW England, but several have wider national and international markets, providing services to mariners in Thailand, Europe and US. You can visit their pages using the tool bar above or by using keywords with our internal search engine on our Contents page.

Searching Anything Marine.
We have a site only search engine that allows you to enter key words and search the site quickly and effectively.
Search Now

Other Features on Anything Marine.
In addition we have a number of quizzes and puzzles to tease the marine boffins amongst you as well help educate new comers to the delights of sailing and cruising. Quiz Home Page

Our Free Ads enable visitors to sell and buy goods easily Free Ads

Finally we can offer you our Baragin Searcher, where we post bargains we've found on the web for visitors with the right passwords.Guests who sign our guestbook register will have these sent to them.

How can I contact the listed members on the site?
By E-mail: Most of the companies have e-mail address links towards the bottom of their pages.Simply click this link and your e-mail program will open a new e-mail on your screen.Often the subject box is filled in this helps companies to know here the email orginated. If possible please leave this information and add your subject title after it. After that simply fill in our request and contact details. Please ensure that you give as much detail as possible, it helps us process your enquiries much faster. A contact phone number will often help as the company may need to contact you quickly to confirm details.
By Telephone: All of the member pages have telephone numbers, which will allow you to contact them with urgent or complex requests.
By Forms: Finally, you may find an enquiries or feedback button on some pages. Clicking this will lead you to a form page where you will be asked to fill in the blank spaces. These forms help members get the information they need to help you most effectively in addition, when you submit these forms you will be given the passwords to the Members Locker which will allow you to access the special offers provided by our menber companies..

How can I get more out of this Anything Marine site ?
To get the most out of this site you can sign our guestbook and automatically pick up this month's members only passwords. When you inquire, e-mail or call any of our hosted companies for details of their services or products, please ensure you give them as much information as possible about your vessel and needs .

Finally, please let us know what you'd like to see on this site, using this link, suggestions and if you have any companies who have given you good service and you'd like to recommend them, please forward their details using the Feedback Form on the Contents page

How do I use these quizzes?
The quizzes and puzzles have been designed to test your basic sailing knowledge. If you click on the topic title, a new window will open and a crossword, fill in the blanks or multiple choice question will appear. Expand the windo to full size and away you go. Use your mouse to answer them as quickly and correctly as you can. Once you have finished a question, use the arrows to move onto the next one. Your score is given at the top of the page as a percentage of attempts that were correct. One click equals one answer. Some quizzes are timed, other are made up of juggled questions so each time you play it will be different.
If you wish to change topic click on Index and you'll return to the Quiz Home Page. If you wish to return to the main site, first return to the
Quiz Home Page and then click Home Page.Return to Quiz Home Page
How do I use the Quayside Shops ?
These companies are able to offer you the opportunity to purchase goods online via their secure e-commerce websites. Simply click on the link to visit the quayside and do a little online window shopping and if you find what you want, simply follow the instructions on the site.Quayside Shops
B2B (Business to Business). At Anything Marine, we openly encourage marine businesses to employ the Internet to improve the supply chain between themselves, the wholesaler, manufacturer and raw material supplier. These efficiencies should enable them to pass on cost savings to customers and enable them to use Just In Time (JIT) principles. Where possible retailers are encouraging the manufacturer to supply the customer directly, reducing costs for the supplier, retailer and customer. Anything Marine can be used as the conduit for this B2B trade using a forthcoming online business to business auction house for member companies.
B2C (Business to Customer) Marine businesses offering marine services via Anything Marine are encouraged to provide high quality customer service with uncompromising professional standards. The simple princible of " you're only as good as your last job " holds even more on the Internet, where poor workmanship or deliver of service is soon spread far and wide by e-mail and bulletin boards.
C2C (Customer to Customer) Many Internet users are now using auction rooms and free ad bulletin boards to exchange and sell goods. Numerous bargains can be had and much time, effort and space can be saved by people using these features. Anything Marine has a free ads facility to help its visitors and hosted businesses.Click here

We hope this has helped you and we trust your visit will be fruitful, possibly educational, but above all enjoyable.

If you have any questions or comments about this web site please click here         

Last modified: 21 January, 2006